Index of Pictures

  Day 1 the laying out Day 1 the straw Day 1 Digging again Day 1 in with the gravel Day 2 here we are again is it level yet  

  Day 2  OK who made that dent? how many people does it take to read a tape measure I don't know I'll phone a friend? Sleepers going in More sleepers  

  Cutting sleepers, chainsaw wins. Still cutting sleepers, I wish I'd brought a new chain. Inner sleepers going in feels like time for a cup of tea sleepers in & plated together one half  

  JJJJiggle it a bit These sleepers are hard Noggins going in holding two spikes for each bale. Bring it around this way Shaving horse & draw knife in opperation producing pointy sticks (bale spikes)  

  A pointy stick in progress Loxy.  Stop your work & throw me some straw. Day 3  just a few more staples (one for each corner on every course) And some more staples, bash with lump hammer till fibers separate then just twist & bend. A noggin in here  

  I've put in the last noggin (these sleepers are hard to nail into) Noggin drilling 2 Instruction on fitting bales Making a full bale into a smaller The start of positioning the bales  

  Selecting the bale to fit the gaps Cutting scaffold planks (in this case because they were free) for door boxes Me weighing down the plank while being cut Dressing (plucking) the ends to make them flat Yoink!  A but out of here  

  In with the hazel pins to retain bales onto sleepers Slotting in bales.  Snugly, too tight will push the other bales out, & too loose will leave gaps Rain shower stops play, tea time, all bales covered on top Day 4; A lovely sunny morn.  Are we straight so far? keeping the walls plumb  

  In with corner staples (this one we took out as it's the wrong way round) Staple at the correct angle Bash it in well down There done, just below flush After four courses pins all the way down into the bottom bale.  

  Our corner pin going in Five courses before lunch Time for forty winks view from the corner of the field (Bob's longbarn to the right). Nice view for a Llama  

  A Llama's eye view More pointy sticks.  These need to pass through the top plate into the bales below (3 bales in this case). Sharp end & same dia. all way up. Top plate construction. The Llama's now have two windows  

  A lot of pointy sticks Viewing platform I've started so I'll finish (just before mid afternoon tea). Top plate being fitted Gently does it  

  Now we have to square up the top plate before we finally fix it together What's the fit like on this side? Nearly square This side's looking good.  Secure the top plate sections together Persuade the top bales in  

  Just a little tap here Top plate pins Top plate pins go in easy with a hammer of this size Day 5.  After a very wet & windy night hoping no rain got in Getting everything ready before removing covers, rain might be imminent.  

  Happy with the weather.  On with the 1st floor joists Lots of nails to go in.  Quicker with lots of hammerers Approaching end of work for the day.  Preparing to cover over. bales on top to form a ridge, planks on ends of joists to cover up sharp ends that may pierce tarpaulin.  

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