Index of Pictures

  New toy Kate enjoying new toy NO big smile  

  eeeee Get in gear you bugger Parking in barn for mo. Small isn't it. Left front; Red was orinigal colour. Patches added.  

  Right front not as bad Painted with two coats of hammerite. Waxoil will be sprayed after assembly. front right nearly back together New kingpin, polly bushes, track rod end.  

  Removed layers of paint on floor. shiney things Hub & disk on and one spring in. Patches in left also Left axle wire wheel (before removal)  

  ooh fek, there's a patch on the radius arm.  Everything covered in thick paint. Left brake cylinder & adjuster. handbrake rods left rear view left shoes, springs & adjuster  

  axle out, body off Under body, dirty but not rusty. Spring got to come out next, (out of it's rust pocket). Left side, body off Boot space, this has been replaced some time ago.  

  Bastard springs out. Paint removal started, I counted ten patches so far. OOOOH ek! oi! mister, you've got no wheels! Boots been replaced before, but what the heck is that Dexion rail doing in there?  

  And all to do this side also. right hand spring hanger box, shut plates held on with rivets & filler. Rivets out And behind..... more riveted plates. Time to buy some panels.  

  Pieces removed from the right so far. Some more riveted & fillered in plates around the inner wheel arch And the left.. much the same, but he'd lernt to weld by the time he did these. patches removed from the left.  the piece on the left was 5 pieces. New metal required in here.  

  making sill shut panel + up a bit.  AH make one not not this big. that's it, ready to well in.  6mm holes for through welding (instead on spot welding).  All painted behind it. just like that and the plate above some other plates being welded in  

  more holes all welded in & ground flat ready a coat of hammerite paint it black these are all the bits I cut out  

  should have brought a big bottle! nearly ready for re-assembly seams sealed with polyurethane sealant before another coat of paint just like that.  Although it now looks lumpy again it's going to get a coat of waxiol underseal. black, rust free & solid.  

  right rear wing underside where there were about 10 patches. axle back in. brakes, rebound straps.  Springs in with plenty of underseal around them. time to start on the wiring, dash removed & every wire as they were all shit. all switches out.  Somthing else to paint. all new ip67 switches & thin wall automotive wire left over from wiring up a Pinzgauer  

  wires all over the place dash ready, batery isolator fitted ( fuse & relay holder mounted. back of fuse/relay holder all wired up. and fitted.  I'll fit a plastic box to cover the whole lot. Stringing it, bar strapped to front chassis rails, bricks at rear.  Strings parallel & equadistant to center of all hubs.  

  All strings square Distance from string at front edge of wheel, 1mm more than the back of wheel, on both left & right.  Spec. 1/16 HIFF-44 Metro carb on modified mini manifold front shot engine bay good for now.  

  Nearly ready! Rear sat too high & too hard.  The solution take top three leaves & put them on the bottom. Just like that.  

  All bolted up.  Temporary fit of seat-belt mount in top of wing.  A set of 2 That's it for now.  All Mot'd & with nearly 1000 miles done.  A tune-up, high torque starter motor, new electronic distributor, BDL needle in carb.  

  Ready for Goodwood revival meeting.  

  Rostyle Midget wheels, sand blasted & powder coated. waxoil in front of rear wheel holding up well. Me at Goodwood Kate at Goodwood  

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