Index of Pictures

  The bare block, scrubbed clean in the sink. engine number.  12=  1275  V= vertical BMC green, the original colour for the Frogeye little 998 engine. care taken not to paint the gasket surfaces Knocking in new canshaft bearings with an appropriate sized socket.  

  And the front one, a little bigger. Pistons going in. And being bolted to crank with ARP rod bolts (ARP lube on bolt). Setting up to time in camshaft.  1st find TDC & set up protractor on crank & a pointer to 0' A pointer, just a bit of fence wire clamped in a bolt.  

  Finding TDC Rotate till No 1 inlet valve is fully open. So that's the cam timed at 106.5'  I need 106 to 108  so it's slightly advanced, but once run for a bit & the chain stretches it'll be about right. A double check.  Cam lift 7.29mm  from this Swiftune SW5 Re-painted TDC mark on bottom.  

  A new mark where it can been seen. from within the engine bay. Distributor drive installed, unfortunatly there's a bit missing (a housing, 12A1136  no longer available)  DOH! Head on with ARP stud kit.  NEw Titan 1.5:1 rockers.  Valve lift 10.55mm modified 74'C thermostat, 5off 3mm holes for bypass when shut.  

  No leaky bypass hoze. Closeup of valve shut. Original tin rocker cover, cleaned up. Yes it is the same engine Cover & thermostat housing painted.  

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