OFARC ski trip February 2009

  1st morning out.  our car & van on left View downhill from hotel The main road can't see far. That's your van that is.  

  And to the left of it is our shitty Skoda.  Took 5 of us 50 minutes to dig them out (on day 4). Some more snow.  There are no photos of mountain coz you can't see it. At last a little viz Wahoooo some sun.  The long blue to the left. View across.  

  This was the view from the piste bar deck at the top of the long blue. I was standing up when I took it. Same bar. Just a little snow at the side of the road. Thew worked dam hard to cleer the roads. 6 feet up to the smooth bit.  

  Umberballa bar, snow over half way up the wall. No buggers come & dug it out for us yet. I'm an fairy (no angel)! Cheers!!  left Dax, back Dan, mid Dave, right Rich. Waiting for John to find us.  Gluvine o'clock. What a choice: Up, down, or a beer.  

  Bar at the bottom Same bar on the left, note blokes on roof. Dan;  the artist. Adrian showing off his bright orange braces (especially for Dax). Whiteout  

  Landrovers only been there one night. Rich & Dave's last board down of the holiday. Dan having a poo perhaps view from hotel window and again.  

  me finding our car Happy hour.  12 beers for the price of 6. Dan & me, we've been diving into the snow at the side of the road.  Too many beers perhaps. Another poo.  In cable car back from Pontedilegno Down the red at top of long blue.  

  WW1 memorial at side of road, with a little snow on it. Piste bar. Gluvine O'clock.........again Dave At the bar     again.  Dax crashed up there the day before & sank.  

  Rich, doing Jaws Dax doing Jaws Leaving today, driving down the road at 09:00 lots more snow, driving out. Dan's Bombadino.   

  The O'farc clan Van's out, just a ton of snow on roof. John.  No idea what's going on here.  Perhaps Dan's squeezing his knackers. And the winners are........... This is what we're leaving behind.....  

  • Dave doing the cha-cha-cha
  • A pisted jump track
  • This is where we skied
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