Adrians & Kates visit to Goodwood revival Sat 18th Setbember 2010

  • A short movie from from our de-havilland dragon rapide flight
  • Shian's photo's
      De-havilland dragon rapide & Kate just before our flight (pre-G&T). A little nervous Eak!!!  He didn't tell it was made from plywood & cloth!!! Fat bloke,  Ah what we have here is some tin foil. A bit pleased with myself  

      View through cockpit window, on ground. Escape hatch in roof, looks a bit on the tight side to me. Prepare for take off,  other WW2 planes in background. not wure what this was, but it was fast. Hurricane  

      And off, over the track & between the grandstands looking towards to coast, ne Chichester Chichester estuary, viewed through the prop. Chichester estuary Weeeee  

      Such a smooth flight salt marshes Chichester estuary (through prop on starboard side) Chichester harbour Portsmouth,  nasty looking place  

      Portsdown hill Spinnaker tower Spitbank Fort C1860-1880 IOW Ride pier all eight seats fitted with these headphone sockets 3.5mm jack, still used on modern aircraft  

      Wing struts, a black cable tie holding it together looking out through cockpit window. Black Beetle Vic & Shian just entering carpark. Took 1 hour from Bognor roundabout. They're like busses,  never seen one of these before & 2 come at once. And back down  

      Really smooth landing, no bounce & so quiet. Some other lucky passengers One of three Spitfires there. Shian & Kate  

      Spacemen? Lancaster flanked by a Hurracane & a Spitfire  

      There was some racing too, this is a Farrari 250 LM (worth between $2.5M to $5M ) No 6  Ford GT40 with rear accident dammage, these guys really do race these.  

      DH Gipsy Moth Sikorsky S-38, Osa’s Ark.  Flying boat  


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