Goodwood Revival 2011 Sunday

  Start of Madgwick Cup, sports-racing cars under 3-litres of a type that raced between 1960and Yes it's about to rain realy hard.  

  Proper shape Porsche  456 & early 911 Kate  

  1939 Chevrolet Coupe TC, from the Juan Manuel Fangio museum in Argentina  


  Nice Austin Healey Line up of some of the Spitfires. Ten were scrambled later. Inside the Kate in  

  A lot of people dressed up  

  Lovely frogeye Schneider Trophy sea plane. Rolls Royce aero engine from Bluebird (land & sea speed record holder. 1935 301mph land)  

  A work of art this radial engine  

  reconstructed prototype Spitfire B17 flying fortress G-BEDF Sally B (took lead roll in film Menphis belle) An original De Havilland gipsy moth a kit plane, using an adapted VW beetle engine  

  An Italian made ME109  


  TEN spitfires flying in formation.  The most in the air since WW2  

  GT race hundreds of millons of pounds worth, realy racing hard in the rain.  


  some of the cars people brought to the revival car show.  



  • Movie: Ten Spitfires in the air
  • Spitfires
  • GT race started in the dry "ish"
  • GT race, still dry but not for long
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