Index of Pictures

  Just arrived, time for a drop of whisky  (Auchentoshan three wood, gorgeous) Just one of the many bars all over the slopes That's the way down, but not in the soft stuff coz we fall over Thirsty work this skiing Cold too, though this malt helps  

  One of the many bubble cable cars on the Sella Ronda route Cheeky wooden carved bar stools That's what happens in the soft stuff Can't get up for laughing Up Up and away, can't see for snow in shades, can't hear for snow in ears.  

  Lots of snow, great run from the top of there. Weeeee Piz Sella.  This looked steep, was a bit at the top, exelent run down. View of previous photo from 1st flat bit. Weeeeeee!  

  The most people we saw on the piste Beer O'clock At the top of photo is the Piz Sella cable car building, just under the cloud line. Beer, strudle and CUSTARD. Cable car 141 the route up from Campitello village onto the Sella Ronda  

  Resting at the top of Marmolada 3250M  the air's a bit thin. Can't see much either. Bottom of clouds are less than 2 miles up & us. Another day, another area, this was up from Alba.  Again the slopes almost all ours. Mountains all around. Hey you! get off of our mountain.  

  Beer stop. And to check where we are. Post beer & happy. Visability failing, down there for home. No! not yet just time for a beer 1st.  After the Sella Ronda twice in one day, yes a beer at the end is deserved!.  

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