Index of Pictures

  Our hotel (sunday) View from top of our hotel (Monday) 2nd day of skiing, waiting in anticipation for the bus (Monday) Adrian at bus stop keen to go (Monday) Steve having walked up to bus stop (Monday)  

  Where's our bus? Botom gondola station (Monday) Snowing!!!!!!! Waiting for lesson (Monday)  

  view from gondola at top (Monday) Top ski group 2nd lesson, how to ski in 3 We're going down here To the left of that big rock Vic out of the trees (Tuesday)  

  Let's ski through the trees The nursery slope (Wednesday) beginners group (Wednesday) -Weeeeeee The village (Thursday)  

  Otto's Schischule  (ski school, Thursday) Birthday party, Doddy on drums & other locals Squeezebox Yodeler Doddy on the spoons At the end of party  

  Kate's Salzburg trip, 8 on trip (Friday) Fountain in central square Fountain Mozart square.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born here in 1756. Another of the many squares, Gold ball & chess set.  

  View from castle of Salzburg (old town this side of river) In the castle. A water spout, pumped up by water wheel system Coutryard within castle. There are lots of wanger's in Salzberg At the top Last ski day, the last ski  

  Big black clouds, lets get out of here. Doddy's hotel e-mail address And phone number  

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