Redbridge ski trip Sauze D'Oulx 2012

there are some movie clips at the bottom

  Hotel Miosotis.  Sauze D'Oulx Pub at the front, serving Spitfire ale. Distant snow on Mountains,  wonder if they can throw some our way. A day in the sun & snow oooooh nice snow to play in...  

  Daily lunchtime bar:  Punto D'Incontro at 2700M too high to boil water for pasta. too many kids though this day Snow Angel?   or  slush twat?   you decide... Vic rather pleased with himself.......must have just farted & then was relieved he dadn't followed through. top  

  Mens downhill,  the only way is down.  Black all the way. Buzy up here. Found another bar, back up other side. Beer, Gluhwein & Vic's soggy moggy. Deep in thought?  

  Cooling off, with an ice lump on his head.  I was just thankfull it was only his head. Bar 2/3rd way down Womens downhill.  Cocktails, with Vov which is a mix of egg yolk & a fortified wine.  Disgusting..... Womens downhill bar Womens downhill bar Womens downhill bar  

  You looking at my beer, & what do you mean it's my round? oi!  It's your round!  Good God, the lengths people will go to, to avoid getting a round in.  Throw themselfs down the mens 2006 Olimpic downhill. Top of Mens downhill Torin Olimpics 2006. 917M fall.  3.73KM max speed 63.7km/h  not an olimpic time. Sauze D'Oulx village Typical evening menu  

  typical evening drinks & state of Vic Jezza, decided our G&T's were girlie drinks.  So just to sort him out we ordered a flower in his larger. Girls drink. Piste map of area.  

  • some movie links below to download
  • Top of Mens Downhill
  • GUTcam last mornings ski, over to Sestriere, but they had Easter kids Ski racing on, so we came back.
  • GUTcam last mornings ski around Sauze D'Oulx side
  • GUTcam, on way up to top. Not much snow around off piste.
  • GUTcam last ski
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