Snetterton Monoposto 13th & 14th October 2007. Dax R1 2003, Mark 1st time out in GSXR

  Saturday Monoposto: Mark, after stalling on grid & re-starting after all cars had passed, scrambled his way up to 3rd. He receives a 3rd place cap.  

  Then gets interviewed by Mr boring (I don't know what to talk about, I have nothing to say, but I'll just keep talking anyway). Dax looking busy (downloading data). No it's astorids. Mark (I can't sit still). Sunday: Mark qualified 2nd with a slipping clutch.  Trevor asisting the fitting of a new one.  

  Trevor fitting clutch, Mark, peter, Colin Soaking friction plates before re-fitting. Sunday Monoposto: Grid positions.  

  Ready to go, Dax's big moment about to start.  Monoposto:  Dax gets 2nd place & a garland for 1st in class. Dax's 2nd place cap & a 1st in class trophy. Looking slightly foolish.  

  Dax's turn to be interviewed by Mr. Boring Say something Dax  

  A proud man. a two spot ladybird on garland. Some idoit put this round my neck & told ne to sit here & look inteligent, this is the best I could do.  

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