The Datil variety has been grown for about 300 years in St. Augustine Florida, and it's name in Spanish means "edible date". It is a Chinense variety (like the Habanero). Heat, flavour and aroma are similar to the Habanero, except that the Datil is more fruity. The chilli can rate as high as 300,000 Scoville Units, almost as hot as the Habanero.  Light green turning to golden yellow. Distinctive taste - very hot. (Capsicum Chinense)

Peter Pepper Red

Judged "MOST PORNOGRAPHIC PEPPER" By Organic Gardening Magazine

Heat level is 7-8

These interesting chilli peppers are a talking point for the gardener who has everything! Seeds are becoming scarcer and scarcer every year.

Peter Pepper/ Penis Pepper, this is bred for its phallic appearance. Red, orange or yellow, length between 7.5-10 cm. Extremely rare variety. (Capsicum annuum)

Santa Fe Grande Chilli Pepper

Heat Level is 6

Well adapted for the UK short-season growing, Once seen growing everyone wants one, this is the fastest selling plant at shows we attend.  Starting off yellow, they turn orange or red when mature. Santa Fe Grande's have a slightly sweet taste and are medium-hot to hot in pungency. They may be used in both cooked and raw dishes. The peppers 5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, shaped like an egg with a point on one end. (Capsicum annuum).

Ring of Fire

Heat Level is 6

Ring of Fire, Cayenne type chilli this is ideal for drying and grinding into powder. 4 inch long thin chillies, red when ripe after 80 days. Very abundant 2 foot plants form a perfect shape.

(Capsicum annuum)